Automating Compliance Activities for Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) in Less Than One Month

Compliance Leaders at DCD were worried that the company lacked adequate procedures and systems to fully comply with regulatory standards. Let's explore how CyberArrow helped the client achieve compliance with ISR V2 and ISO 27001 in no time.

About the Client

Dubai Civil Defense (DCD) is an Emergency Management Organization in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. Its vision is to protect lives, properties, and the environment and to provide fast professional services and also an efficient investment of human and material sources to give the best results. The company works effectively toward enhancing the quality of life in the UAE community through smart delivery of safety and security.


Location: Dubai, UAE


Industry: Government Entity

The Challenge in Managing Compliance

The organization’s key concerns were rooted in its low-quality measures and the extensive time spent managing regulatory compliance requirements. Being a government entity, heavily regulated by both local and international compliance standards, the organization’s services are subject to regular audits to maintain a secure cyber security posture.

Overview of DCD's Compliance Activities Before Compliance Automation
  • Lack of processing capacity.
  • Numerous back-and-forth auditor requests.
  • Presence of stale spreadsheets and countless working hours.
  • Establishing and adopting written policies, procedures, and standards of conduct.
  • Manually managing and monitoring the auditing processes.
  • Time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective compliance management.
How DCD Achieved Speedy Compliance?

Knowing CyberArrow could help DCD achieve compliance in a defined timeline with a defined budget, the organization decided to invest its resources in CyberArrow’s Compliance Automation Tool.


CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool helped DCD – Dubai achieve compliance faster using pre-approved auditor templates. Ongoing KPI monitoring enabled continuous monitoring of their security posture. Also, the client was able to benefit from automated security control KPI assessments and reporting, eliminating the need for manual reports. 


We provided the organization with:


  • Built-in, customizable workflow abilities to enable the automatic routing of information.
  • Executive dashboards for enterprise-wide visibility into internal security processes and controls, highlighting cases of paramount importance that needed attention.
  • Automated reports for scorecards, status tracking, and compliance dashboards.
  • Automated risk management to calculate the risk index and notify the users to take action accordingly.


The ability to achieve speedy compliance enabled the organization to enhance its cybersecurity resilience and compliance level.

  • Staff efficiency and productivity increased by 30%.
  • Automated and simplified internal control management.
  • Enhanced visibility and transparency into the company’s compliance management.
  • Improved reporting capabilities and fast audits.
Return On Investment (ROI)

“With CyberArrow Solution, we have been able to automate risk- and compliance efforts fully. The solution is very powerful yet user-friendly while providing us with all the reporting required to adhere to and even exceed compliance needs.” ~ Information Security Department – DCD

Why CyberArrow?

CyberArrow is a leading firm that takes pride in managing your security and compliance requirements. We help organizations automate the implementation of ISO 27001, SOC 2, HIPAA, GDPR, and other security standards without the need to conduct physical audits. We help you save time by handling your compliance work and integrating zero-touch audits.

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