How to Enhance and Boost Cyber Security Awareness

Cyber security is more important than ever – the global average cost for a data breach is significantly increasing year on year. Recent statistics show an increase from $3.86 million in 2020 to $4.24 million in 2021. Cybercriminals are still targeting the vulnerabilities in end users to ensure the success of their attacks. Human error is considered one of the major reasons for cyber security breaches, encountered in almost 90% of the breaches.


It’s important to ensure that all employees across your organization know where the potential cyber dangers are and what possible consequences a cyber-attack could have on the entire organization. If cyber security awareness training is regular and done thoroughly, all employees should know what actions should be taken to decrease risk and prevent cyber-crime from penetrating a company’s online workplace.


One of the biggest threats now is malware. In recent years it has proliferated and become more and more complex with each new strand that is generated; that is why companies must verify that they are adopting the right security measures, informing their staff, and tightening any security holes that might leave them open to an attack. As already mentioned, human error is particularly easy to exploit and may result in substantial penalties and serious financial loss.


Tips for Enhancing Cyber Security Awareness


Make cyber security training mandatory for all employees


To prevent hackers to exploit your organization, everyone must complete the necessary awareness training. To achieve this goal, it’s a good idea to include cyber security awareness training in each employee’s yearly KPI sheet and make it mandatory.


Involve the management


The success rate linked to projects and initiatives, in general, across an organization is often linked to the organization’s management. If the top management is involved in key projects, such as cyber security awareness and training, there is a higher likelihood for the project to succeed.


Pay attention to your employees


The human factor is the weakest link in cyber security, and if your employees are unable to make an informed and educated decision about something as simple as which network to connect to or which email attachment to open, your organization is at risk of a potentially devastating cyber-attack that could result in the loss of your data. Because your company’s cyber security is only as strong as its weakest employee, you must take the necessary steps to create a risk-aware workplace culture that promotes cyber security awareness.


Complete necessary cyber security awareness training on the very first day


It might also be beneficial to not allow any new-joiners to use any of the organization’s information assets before completing the relevant cyber security training.


In Conclusion


Conducting regular training and workshops where employees learn about the latest cyber security best practices is one way of increasing awareness across the organization. The key to success is to ensure continuous learning. To do so the organization needs to implement a platform that is convenient to use from anywhere and where employees can conduct their training at their convenience. Investing in an Awareness Platform will help in establishing a structured approach for educating users.


It’s also preferable to not allow any new-joiners to use any of the organization’s information assets before completing relevant online courses and getting a passing mark. This will ensure minimizing the risk of lack of awareness. If the platform allows for conducting behavioral assessments such as phishing to ensure that both knowledge and behavior analysis is represented in the awareness maturity that’s always a better method compared to just conducting awareness training alone.


Finally, all information security standards and regulations require educating users about cyber security best practices. Therefore, adopting an Awareness Platform will ensure compliance with local and international best practices. Award-winning state-of-the-art CyberArrow Awareness Platform includes both phishing simulations and computer-based training courses which are in line with global and local standards. The solution has been awarded for its user-friendliness, innovative content, and awareness technology. 


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