How a Federal Government Entity in the UAE, Got Certified with Multiple ISO Standards in No Time Using CyberArrow Compliance Tool

A case study on how “MOIAT”, one of the busiest government entities in the UAE achieved full compliance and got hold of ISO 27001, ISO 20000, and ISO 22301 certifications within just a few weeks by using CyberArrow Compliance Automation Solution.

About Ministry of Industry and Advance Technology

The Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology was established in the United Arab Emirates, in July 2020, to empower the country’s industrial sector and raise its contribution to the gross domestic product. In order to form an integrated national system to support and develop the UAE industrial sector, the Office of the Minister of State for Advanced Technology, the Emirates Authority for Standardization and Metrology (ESMA), and the industry sector in the Ministry of Energy and Infrastructure were merged into the structure of the Ministry of Industry and Advanced Technology – a new Ministry was formed.


Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Industry: Government –  Ministry of Industry And Advanced Technology

The Challenge

MoIAT is a government entity that deals with all industrial and technological sectors across the UAE. In the past, they would spend several hundred hours to achieve implementation for just one of the standards, let alone all three of them. According to a rough calculation, before obtaining a compliance automation platform like CyberArrow, it takes between 500 to 600 hours to prepare for an audit for one standard. 

Being an end-to-end compliance automation solution packed with auditor-pre-approved policies and procedures, CyberArrow not only helps MoIAT in saving 80% of the time but thousands of dollars dissolving the need for any manual work through a third-party consulting house. Moreover, CyberArrow Compliance Automation software enabled MoIAT to get certified without attending a physical audit.

Perks With CyberArrow
  • Use pre-approved auditor templates to achieve compliance faster.


  • Integrate with your technical solutions to allow automatic evidence collection for technical security controls. 


  • Get chat support from CyberArrow’s compliance experts whenever required. 


  • Share your real-time security posture with anyone at any point in time.


  • Say goodbye to manual tracking of KPIs, and use CyberArrow’s automated KPI dashboard. 


  • Generate a risk register within three clicks.
The Experience

 “Using CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool gave us the ability to enhance our cybersecurity resilience maturity and compliance level. What was not possible in the past due to time constraints and limited resources were achieved by CyberArrow in the shortest duration with the best outcome. The biggest challenge in any organization is to combat the latest cybercrime by understanding the latest threat landscape. While using the CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool, we were able to discover security weaknesses based on the latest local and international best practices, risks were automatically generated and risk treatment actions were automatically given to enhance the overall maturity posture.  If you want a simple yet powerful tool to enhance your compliance and overall cybersecurity posture then this is the best tool in the market.”

Return On Investment (ROI)

“Investing in CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool is one of the best investments that we ever made.” MoIAT officials say. The solution helped MoIAT to achieve compliance in a structured and automated way, which contributed to a better security posture along with streamlined processes across the ministry while saving time and money.

“Not only by MOIAT, but CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool is also endorsed by hundreds of Government and Private entities all across the globe.”

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