How Sharjah Executive Council Saved 100+ Hours While Implementing ISO 27001 Using CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool

A case study on how a government entity in the United Arab Emirates reduced the effort by 10x while achieving ISO 27001 compliance using CyberArrow.

About Sharjah Executive Council

The Executive Council of the Emirate of Sharjah, the supreme executive authority of the emirate, was established in October 1999 with the aim of assisting the ruler in performing his duties and exercising his powers, drawing the general policy of the emirate, and implementing development plans to raise the social and economic standard in the emirate. 


Location: Sharjah, UAE


Industry: Government – Executive Council

How was Sharjah Executive Council Achieving Compliance Before CyberArrow?

Before getting in touch with CyberArrow, Sharjah Executive Council was following a manual approach for ISO 27001 compliance. This approach was consuming a lot of time and human resources, the following ISO 27001 activities were carried out manually:


  • Keeping track of security controls through manual spreadsheets.


  • Assessing security controls using manual questionnaires and meetings.


  • Manually identifying security configurations needed to comply with ISO 27001 across all IT systems.


  • Keeping screenshots of technical security configurations to serve as ISO 27001 audit evidence.


  • Manually writing security policies and procedures from scratch.


  • Chasing down staff members to read and sign the aforementioned materials.


The process of achieving compliance was time-consuming, expensive, and ineffective.

How did CyberArrow Transform Sharjah Executive Council’s ISO 27001 Compliance Journey

Sharjah Executive Council is now fulfilling its ISO 27001 compliance needs with the help of CyberArrow


The below activities are now fully automated using CyberArrow:


  • Automatically creating and distributing auditor-pre-approved ISO 27001 security policies and procedures. 


  • Automatically checking ISO 27001 control compliance and implementation status for all IT systems using CyberArrow technical integrations.


  • Automatically creating a company-wide risk assessment program using CyberArrow’s automated risk management technology.


  • Monitoring of all security controls against ISO 27001 using CyberArrow’s security KPI technology.


  • Automatic send-out of security awareness training using the CyberArrow platform.


  • Achieving ISO 27001 certification with a zero-touch audit by utilizing CyberArrow’s partner network of auditors, where the audit happens directly in the CyberArrow software.


  • Staying compliant with ISO 27001, utilizing CyberArrow’s ongoing security monitoring feature.
Gap Filled by CyberArrow

CyberArrow has saved Sharjah Executive Council more than 100+ hours by automating the end-to-end ISO 27001 compliance process. Moreover, CyberArrow software enabled Sharjah Executive Council to get certified without having to attend a physical audit.

Return On Investment (ROI)

CyberArrow did not only help Sharjah Executive Council in boosting the overall security posture and compliance process, but CyberArrow also helped Sharjah Executive Council in saving valuable time as well as thousands of dollars that were being spent by the Sharjah Executive Council to bring additional resources on board to manage compliance.

What Sharjah Executive Council Says About CyberArrow

 “It is our pleasure to work with CyberArrow. The tool has helped us tremendously with the quick implementation. It has made our lives easier enabling us to follow control, risk assessment, and security tasks in a much more effective and automated way.” 

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