CyberArrow Awareness Platform Automates and Enhances Cyber Security Learning for SAICO

Employees are the most important asset for any organization, and its first line of defense when it comes to protecting information. Therefore, it’s essential that all employees are aware of the best cybersecurity practices to protect the organization against attacks while maintaining effective business operations. SAICO has used several other platforms over the years but obtained the CyberArrow Awareness Platform to provide their employees with an innovative way to conduct training in the hope to increase vigilance and get the best cybersecurity awareness training possible.

About the Client – SAICO

Saudi Arabian Cooperative Insurance Company (SAICO), a Saudi joint stock company, was established based on Royal Decree No. M/60 dated 18/09/1427H (11/10/2006) and Decision of the Council of Ministers No. 233 dated 16/09/1427H. In the year 2010, the company obtained SAMA’s approval to market insurance products. The company aims at practicing all relevant activities to insurance. The company performs such works as may be necessary to realize its objectives whether in terms of insurance or investment of its capital. The major activity of the company includes offering insurance services in the fields of vehicles, medical, sea shipment, fire, engineering, aviation, power, group life insurance, and accidents.


Location: Riyadh, Saudi Arabia


Industry: Financial Services

The Challenge

While the company performed audit and cybersecurity assessments to ensure its security controls, there was a need for a more proactive and engaging approach to protecting its sensitive information and valuable resources. 

In recent years, organizations have been facing many targeted attacks, these attacks were mainly using the weakness in human awareness.  Therefore, to minimize the risks of insider threats and build a human firewall, it became critical to provide the staff with effective security awareness and training that could improve vigilance and security incident reporting among employees.

SAICO Improves Vigilance and Security Incident Reporting With CyberArrow Awareness Platform

After evaluating the offerings of several vendors, the company decided to invest its resources in the CyberArrow Awareness Platform. It provided the company with an easy-to-customize solution and the employees with interactive content based on storytelling, powerful reporting capabilities, and a phishing module to enable the simulation of real-world phishing attacks. CyberArrow helped SAICO build its human firewall and strong security culture among employees.


  • The Platform’s interactive content, based on story-telling ensured a high take rate of the courses from the platform’s launch.  
  • The platform is incredibly user-friendly and has enabled users to navigate through it without any support or guidance, being automatically enrolled in necessary computer-based training courses. 
  • Powerful Management Reporting allowed the company to track the progress of each employee.
  • Using CyberArrow’s Phishing Module, the company identified the baseline security knowledge of employees by running phishing campaigns and sending them fake phishing emails.
  • The company was able to gauge how susceptible its employees were to phishing attacks.

Prior to the cybersecurity awareness training, the susceptibility rate to phishing attacks was high with a non-existing reporting culture. Once the first batch of training courses was completed along with one simulation campaign, the susceptibility rate dropped to very low with significant improvements in vigilance and the organization’s security incident reporting culture.

CyberArrow Awareness Platform educated all employees on modern-day threats. The training raised employees’ awareness, increased their knowledge of cybersecurity measures, and influenced behavior across the entire organization.

What “SAICO,” Says About CyberArrow?

“CyberArrow Awareness Platform has helped us raise awareness across our organization in a very interesting, constructive, and fun way. Our employees find the content engaging and unique which has helped us to follow regulatory requirements with minimal effort. The powerful reporting and easy-to-launch phishing simulations have also helped us minimize human error across SAICO.”

Why CyberArrow Awareness Platform?

CyberArrow is a leading firm that takes pride in managing your security and compliance requirements. Our Awareness Platform is fully automated and provides you with countless security courses and interactive dashboards to enhance reporting. Our phishing module enables you to simulate phishing attacks and measure employees’ susceptibility to such attacks.

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