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Take control over your Business Continuity Program

CyberArrow Business Continuity App allows you to manage your Business Continuity Program before, during and after disasters. The BCMS Manager is given the chance to automate critical activities through an administrative interface. The administrative interface can be accessed either via the web or via a mobile application.

Everything you Need in One App
All staff are given a login to your entity's dedicated application.

Our feature-rich solution is automating Business Continuity by deploying a dedicated application for iOS and Android for all your entity’s staff. Being a cyber security firm, we can ensure that the solution is fully cyber resilient and secure.

Emergency Contacts
Some of the Main Features

Automatic notifications and procedures can be communicated to all users using the administrative interface. The solution allows you to inform you organization regarding current threats affecting the organization. The threats can be pushed to specific users, departments and locations. Moreover the solutions allows you to define different threat levels as well as types of threats.

Tests can be carried out against your Business Continuity Plans. Moreover, you can define custom test steps irrespective of your Business Continuity Plans. Test steps are assigned to one responsible person. Fail or success of the step is simply recorded by swiping the test step towards left or towards right using the application. Automatic PDF test reports are also of course generated.

Users can report incidents using the application. Audio recordings, pictures, and description can be attached. All reported incidents and their severity will be stored in the administrative interface. Moreover incidents will be emailed to defined email addresses.

Empower the users with the Business Continuity Plans related to their function only. No documents are uploaded, our solution simply shows all critical steps and accompanying information.

Automatic call trees can be setup in the administrative interface. Users get specific instructions on what to do in case of disasters. The instructions can be modified per departments, per user, per incident type, location, incident severity etc. Push notifications to users starts as an initiation of the call tree.

Users get the option to indicate that they are safe during disasters. The administrator will have all this information in the administrative interface, moreover reports can be generated for staff safety summary.

SaaS or On-Premise

Choose the SaaS version with our cyber resilient infrastructure hosted in Dubai, or host it yourself on-premise.

Yearly License(s)

Our yearly license will grant you access to all of the features. There are no restrictions. Gain discount by purchasing our 3-years license.

Unlimited Users

Our yearly license does not change depending on the number of users. Add as many locations and as many users as you want.

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