CyberArrow Saves Bupa Insurance Months of Manual Work by Automating its SAMA Compliance

As a medical healthcare insurance provider, Bupa Insurance has to maintain compliance with several cybersecurity frameworks, including SAMA Cybersecurity Framework. The company turned to CyberArrow to automate the process and achieved SAMA compliance at record speed.

About Bupa Insurance

Bupa Insurance is a leading medical healthcare insurance company which provides healthcare services for over 70 years to more than 30 million members in 190 countries with over 80,000 employees worldwide. The company creates innovative healthcare products and services and provides health insurance in accordance with the requirements of the Council of Cooperative Health Insurance and the Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority (SAMA). Under insurance regulations, Bupa Insurance evolved its business from a joint venture to a publicly listed company offering cooperative health insurance.


Location: Jeddah, KSA


Industry: Healthcare Insurance

The Challenge

Being a healthcare insurance provider, Bupa Insurance must comply with the SAMA Cybersecurity Framework to identify and mitigate cybersecurity risks to secure its critical information assets while carrying out its ongoing business operations. While carrying out these activities manually, the company faced some of the following challenges: 


  • Manual compliance practices and security implementations.
  • Ineffective risk management.
  • Manual evidence collection.
  • Reduced visibility into the company’s security status.
  • Lack of mapping among various regulations with similar requirements and duplication of efforts. 
  • Inability to achieve SAMA compliance.
Automating SAMA Compliance Using CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool

Bupa Insurance obtained the CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool to automate its compliance activities and achieved compliance with the SAMA Cybersecurity Framework in no time. Bupa Insurance was able to benefit from the below-listed aspects using CyberArrow. 


  • Pre-approved auditor templates to achieve immediate compliance.
  • Automatic evidence collection to enhance risk management.
  • Increased visibility into the company’s security posture across all departments. 
  • Security KPI monitoring for evaluating security controls.
  • Ongoing automated SAMA CSF monitoring to identify security controls and manage risk. 
  • Real-time security reporting.
  • Mapping across multiple standards and regulations. 
  • Dedicated customer success team who was able to guide the Bupa team whenever needed.

CyberArrow helped Bupa Insurance to save months of manual work and achieve SAMA compliance automation without any hassle, which enabled the company to spend more time on other business operations without worrying about complex and manual compliance work.

What does Bupa Insurance Say about CyberArrow?

“A GRC Automation Tool which Keeps its Promises!”

We have tried many GRC enterprise solutions and not a single one is as user-friendly yet powerful as CyberArrow GRC. It makes our lives easier and has helped us to automate our compliance-, governance- and risk activities completely. – Bupa Insurance IS Department

Why CyberArrow?

CyberArrow is a leading firm that takes pride in managing your security and compliance requirements. We provide you with solutions to put your security and compliance work on auto-pilot, ensuring a steady compliance automation process. Put your trust in our services and take advantage of CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool to automate compliance with the SAMA Cybersecurity Framework.  

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