Emirates Development Bank Ensures Continuous Cybersecurity Compliance by Using CyberArrow’s Compliance Automation & Cybersecurity Awareness Solutions

How automated compliance and security awareness training streamlines Emirates Development Bank's compliance and employee security awareness success.

About Emirates Development Bank

Emirates Development Bank (EDB) was formed by His Highness Sheikh Khalifa bin Zayed Al Nahyan and officially launched its operations in 2015. EDB is set to become a key engine for the growth of the UAE’s economy. The post-COVID recovery suggests economic acceleration, enabling plans further to develop the national industrial ecosystem across key sectors, driving the UAE’s global competitiveness and sustainable growth. EDB expands SME’s financing funding support to UAE Nationals and residents owning and managing businesses operating in the priority sectors. Its strategy focuses on five key sectors: Manufacturing, Healthcare, Infrastructure, Food Security, and Technology.


Location: Dubai, United Arab Emirates


Industry: Financial Services


As one of the critical banks in the UAE, EDB management always prioritizes cybersecurity to ensure the protection of sensitive data. In 2022, EDB started looking at innovative and automated solutions for complying with international standards such as ISO 2700 and enhancing its internal cybersecurity processes. While putting a roadmap for automating the cybersecurity processes, it was essential to not neglect the human factor in cybersecurity.  EDB’s manual compliance processes were time-consuming and difficult to monitor. In addition, keeping employees constantly engaged in cybersecurity training was a challenge. To overcome the above-mentioned difficulties and ensure rapid maturity in cybersecurity, EDB decided to use CyberArrow’s GRC and Awareness solutions.

Why did EDB Put its Trust in CyberArrow?

One of the reasons that EDB chose CyberArrow’s GRC software is due to its powerful GRC capabilities while still having the features of a simple compliance automation solution, as well as its pre-approved documents and powerful technical integrations. The technical integrations allowed for following the simplest yet most powerful method to monitor technical cybersecurity maturity and compliance. EDB also benefited from the e-learning courses in the Cybersecurity Awareness Platform because they were relevant to the region, engaging, and easy to use.

The Experience

While using the CyberArrow automation solution, EDB discovered the following benefits: 

Instant deployment and ease of use: EDB gained real-time insights into its security posture and compliance implementation across the organization, and was able to implement ISO 27001 in a short time frame and conduct automated risk assessments while reducing the time spent on compliance activities. 

Engaging content in the CyberArrow Awareness Platform: The platform’s relevant and engaging content captured employees’ attention and helped them understand security concepts in an easy and engaging manner. Employee engagement in cybersecurity training across EDB improved by 70% after using CyberArrow’s Awareness Platform.


CyberArrow’s software has been a game changer as it helped EDB to automate and streamline the compliance process, educate the employees, and most importantly, monitor their security posture. It has helped them to be prepared for any future regulations or threat landscape change.

What Emirates Development Bank Says About CyberArrow

“CyberArrow GRC is a perfect mix between a powerful GRC and a compliance automation solution. It has all the features that you would expect from a GRC but also possesses all the capabilities of automation which you need to comply and get certified quickly. The Awareness Platform is engaging and easy to use, the content is definitely what makes the difference for us.”

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