Maximizing Security and Compliance for IFHC with UAE IA & ISO 27001 Automation

An illustration of how CyberArrow helped IFHC maximizing security and compliance with UAE IA & ISO 27001 automation.

About International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC)

The International Fund for Houbara Conservation (IFHC) is a government organization based in Abu Dhabi that works to secure a sustainable future for the Houbara bustard, an emblematic yet vulnerable species in Arab culture. Established in Abu Dhabi in 2006, IFHC manages a network of dedicated breeding centers and operations across the Houbara’s migratory range. As the global leader in species conservation, IFHC strives to foster greater international collaboration and have agreements with more than 22 countries along the Asian Houbara migratory route.


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Industry: Government Entity 

Why IFHC Decided to Automate UAE IA & ISO 27001 Compliance?

As an Abu Dhabi government entity, IFHC must ensure the protection of its scientific data and full compliance with government regulations stated in the UAE Information Assurance standard. However, achieving full compliance and increased cybersecurity maturity in a short time period has been a challenge for IFHC due to the busy work schedule of all employees. Moreover, IFHC always strives to achieve the highest level of information protection by following international standards such as ISO 27001 which made it even more challenging to follow multiple standards. 


Some of the key challenges IFHC has faced in this area include the following:


  • Lack of visibility into its cybersecurity posture.
  • Lack of visibility about cybersecurity threats and gaps as well as implementation progress. 
  • Limitations of resources to continuously identify and report cybersecurity risks.
  • Lack of resources to be continuously aware of new regulations applicable to the organization.
  • Lack of automated process to map similar requirements across multiple regulations to reduce implementation efforts. 


To address these challenges, IFHC decided to invest in a solution that could automate UAE IA and ISO 27001 compliance, ensure the effectiveness of security controls, and provide auto-mapping of all similar regulations. After conducting thorough research and weighing their options, they ultimately chose CyberArrow to manage risk, enhance cybersecurity, and comply with UAE IA and ISO 27001 standards.

The Solution

By using the CyberArrow automation tool, IFHC was able to strengthen its cybersecurity defenses and relieve the security burden on its executive leadership team by automating compliance with regulatory bodies.

CyberArrow compliance automation tool enabled the company to reduce its risk of cyberattacks while ensuring adherence to compliance frameworks.

With the CyberArrow automation tool, IFHC achieved the following:

  • Regular security evaluation of the IT environment to minimize configuration mistakes and assess threats;
  • Review of access controls to prevent unauthorized access;
  • Automated security KPI monitoring for continuous monitoring of security posture and effectiveness of controls; 
  • Automated risk assessments to assess cybersecurity risk.
Results & Impacts

CyberArrow enabled IFHC to achieve enhanced security and privacy capabilities tailored to its needs and requirements while maintaining compliance with UAE IA and ISO 27001. Additionally, the company implemented new security measures and policies better to protect its sensitive data and operations from cyber threats. CyberArrow provided the company with automated risk assessment, ongoing security KPI monitoring, evidence collection, and enhanced reporting capabilities, ensuring the company gets maximum value for its money.

What IFHC Says About CyberArrow?

“We have been using the CyberArrow Automation Tool for the past year and have been extremely impressed with the results. The CyberArrow Automation Tool has made it much easier for us to manage and monitor our security systems, and we have seen a significant improvement in our efficiency as a result. CyberArrow customer service is also top-notch and has always been quick to respond to any questions or concerns we have had, we are especially thankful for the chat function where we received support whenever required.”

Why CyberArrow?

CyberArrow is a leading automation tool that automates any of your local, regional, or global regulations. CyberArrow provides solutions to put your security and compliance requirements on automation, ensuring a steady automation process. In addition, CyberArrow provides dedicated global support for technical-, security-, and compliance-related queries.

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