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Governments and businesses rely on CyberArrow SaaS to become cyber resilient.
We are a SaaS provider for Cyber Security Automation.

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    Our Products

    CyberArrow GRC
    CyberArrow GRC

    Comply with local and international regulations out-of-the-box.

    A powerful, yet user-friendly GRC with plug and play features.

    CyberArrow Awareness
    CyberArrow Awareness Platform

    Assess, educate and increase your employees cyber security awareness levels.

    Our platform ensures a user-friendly and effective learning experience.

    Business Continuity App Logo
    CyberArrow Business Continuity

    Business Continuity must be pragmatic during actual disasters.

    CyberArrow Business Continuity helps you navigate through disasters.

    We can help you automate your Cyber Security Compliance, Business Continuity and much more!

    Our Managed Services

    Risk and Compliance
    Risk & Compliance

    Risk and Compliance is often implemented with extensive documentation only. We follow a different approach.

    We assess people, processes and technologies against leading standards.

    Cyber Security Awareness
    Awareness & Training

    More than 80% percent of security breaches occur due to lack of awareness.

    We provide tailored awareness campaigns including but not limited to workshops, digital media, and assessments.

    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing logo
    Vulnerability Assessment and Penetration Testing

    Only relying on automated scans usually result in a false sense of security.

    We conduct red-team exercises to tamper with systems until we find loop holes.

    Our Story

    UAE Bulb

    It all started with two entrepreneurs embarking on many journeys during the years of their experience as cyber security specialists and witnessing the challenges and struggles of many entities while trying to improve their cyber security posture. They magnified every challenge to better understand the root cause of these struggles and find better and easier methods to implement solutions.

    In 2014 from the emirate of Dubai in United Arab Emirates, they decided to come together and establish a company called CyberArrow. CyberArrow was established to empower others and make them more secure. The owners understood that the security needs and capabilities of entities are different. In the cyber security world, there is nothing called one fits all. To be effective, you must understand your client’s needs and challenges and start from there.

    After years of serving many government and private entities in the UAE, the team has developed frameworks, models, standards, and solutions that can be taken across the globe to be used for elevating cyber resilience. These can be used and modified to fit every entity in any sector.

    CyberArrow never stops there, the team continues partnership with its clients to ensure combating latest cyber threats and risks. Experts from CyberArrow and from its clients work as one team to achieve all identified project goals and objectives. All journeys with clients are endless as it is with the battles to combat cybercrime.

    Innovation is Key

    In CyberArrow we strive for innovation in everything we do. We believe in everyday learning. Our team is constantly developing new approaches to tackle sophisticated cyber security challenges.




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