Why Do Government Entities in Dubai Need to Implement the Information Security Regulation ISR V2?

Information security has become a vital aspect of our lives today. With the increase in security-related concerns due to growing cyber attacks, governments across the globe issue different security protocols and regulations to ensure security throughout their country or state. 


UAE has also been among those making strict security policies and laws for organizations to make information security an essential aspect of their business operations. According to a recent report by Statista, UAE’s security revenue is projected to reach $7.55 million in 2022. 


Moreover, the government of Dubai has also issued its own security standards for local government entities to ensure best security practices in safeguarding users from cyber crimes. Information Security Regulation (ISR) is one such standard that provides policies and rules for government entities in Dubai to ensure secure operations. 


Walk through the blog to learn more about ISR V2 and understand how CyberArrow maps into requirements outlined by the Dubai Electronic Security Center (DESC) and helps you automate ISR V2.


What is ISR V2?


Why Should Your Organization Implement ISR V2?


Why Does Your Business Need ISR V2 Automation?


Automate the ISR V2 Process with CyberArrow!


What is ISR V2?


The Information Security Regulation is a security standard set forth by the Dubai government and applies to all public entities in Dubai as well as all the employees, contractors, consultants, visitors, etc., who are not government employees yet engage with government entities through different means. 


Furthermore, ISR V2 is a non-certifiable information security management standard, and it includes all the security requirements in the form of procedures, policies, and technical controls. This regulation is applied to any government information regardless of its medium and type. Therefore, Dubai public entities must implement this regulation in all the departments, and the implementation shouldn’t be limited to Information Technology (IT) divisions/departments only.


The main goals of the Information Security Regulation are as follows:


  • Identify and understand the responsibilities required to maintain information security best practices.
  • Help establish a Government-wide regulated approach to information security.
  • Implement high-level mechanisms to identify and prevent information security compromises so that the reputation of Dubai Government Entities is preserved.


Information Security Regulation Structure


If we talk about the structure of ISR V2, it is divided into thirteen domains. Each domain belongs to different classes of information security. These domains are Governance, Operation, and Assurance. 


  • Governance Domain: It sets high requirements to structure and manage Information security activities.
  • Operation Domain: It is related to the technical and/or non-technical controls that the entities may use depending on their risk assessment results. 
  • Assurance Domain. Acting as the QA for the entity, this domain ensures the working of the implemented solutions. 


The ISR V2 is structured in the form of domains, objectives, controls, and sub-controls. All of them reflect different goals and purposes. While domains represent key processes in InfoSec, objectives represent the purpose needed to be achieved from the domain. On the other hand, controls and sub-controls reflect the security controls applied to achieve the objective and subordinate detailed controls.


Importance of ISR V2


The Information Security Regulation is critical for public entities in Dubai to ensure the continuity of their business processes, minimization of information security-related risks and damages, as well as prevention of information security incidents. 


Dubai Government Entities must maintain integrity, confidentiality, and availability of information handled within them. ISR V2 provides a neutral framework that Government Entities can implement according to their internal systems and processes and ensure information confidentiality and availability managed by the public entities. 


Why Should Your Organization Implement ISR V2?


While the Information Security Regulation is mandatory for Dubai’s public and semi-public sectors, Dubai’s private sector should also consider implementing this regulation for their information security management system, particularly those organizations that are part of the Critical Information Infrastructure (CII). Organizations should implement ISR V2 for a number of reasons. 


Given the complexity of the threat landscape and cyberattacks, organizations have to encounter, each organization needs to understand its exposure to cybersecurity risks and incidents. You should define a method to carry out risk assessments. CyberArrow can help you conduct robust risk assessments and provide security reports based on those results. 


Moreover, an ISR V2 implementation helps organizations establish security controls that support effective maintenance and continuous improvement of cybersecurity posture and capabilities. In addition to necessary knowledge and expertise, this regulation enhances decision-making and helps security professionals make informed decisions based on appropriate stats and information.


Why Does Your Business Need ISR V2 Automation?


Operating in highly-regulated industries, maintaining compliance, and implementing regulations are becoming challenging for many organizations. Manual processes can become tiresome for many. Failure to implement security standards and policies could lead to penalties, reputation damage, lack of customer trust, and potential loss to business operations. 


In this ever-evolving regulatory landscape, organizations may find it challenging to regularly monitor and report security vulnerabilities according to regulatory as well as security standards. However, automation is the key to providing a consistent view of regulatory compliance throughout your enterprise so that your business can implement regulatory requirements while leveraging business processes.


Similarly, automating ISR V2 can help your business keep track of and stay updated with its requirements. In this world of technology, no one has the time nor sufficient abilities to assess complex and sophisticated threat landscapes. In this regard, ISR V2 automation can do wonders for your organization. 


Benefits of ISR V2 Automation 


ISR V2 automation can reap many benefits for your business and reduce the burden of manual processes off your shoulders. Some of its benefits include: 


Reduced Complexity & Human Errors


Manual processes are less effective compared to automated processes and more prone to errors. Also, errors are undeniable when teams have to manually pass large amounts of data for security health checks and do patch scanning back and forth, particularly in spreadsheets. ISR V2 automation can significantly eliminate data manipulation, and automated processes reduce the risk occurring due to error or oversight.


Achieve Greater Visibility & Auditability


ISR V2 automation provides IT teams with a clear view of their regulatory processes and policies. Also, greater visibility and on-time reporting enable quick information gathering to support audits. Automating the process provides visibility into the actual regulatory policies being made and followed, as well as the need for any policy-change request and its approval. 


Data-Driven Regulatory Insights


Data analytics and dashboards provide increased insights and help make informed decisions and tackle additional issues. ISR V2 automation consolidates all information into a single dashboard. Rather than managing multiple spreadsheets and applications, businesses get insights into how their organization is implementing the standards and complying across the board. Also, a real-time approach to data helps build stronger risk management.


These are only some of the benefits that ISR V2 automation can bring to your business. Put your trust in CyberArrow and release all your worries related to implementing ISR in your organization. Our automated solutions can help simplify ISR V2 implementation so you can worry less about security and focus more on business operations. 


Automate the ISR V2 Process with CyberArrow!


CyberArrow is one of the leading security solutions in the UAE and offers robust and automated solutions to manage security and compliance. Our team of highly-qualified experts focuses on delivering cybersecurity consultancy and awareness services to our customers. Implement ISR V2 with us to get the following benefits. 


Risk Assessment


Our automated risk management module helps you manage your risk assessments automatically. Identify the security hazards to your business and the security events that may compromise business operations. 


Asset Inventory


Keep your system and data record of all the hardware and software within the organization up-to-date with our asset inventory tools and processes.


24/7 Compliance Monitoring


Our solutions offer 24/7 continuous monitoring of your security posture by integrating with your processes so that you focus more on other necessary operations in your business. 


End-Point Monitoring 


Our end-point monitoring enables you to visualize your network and endpoint devices to look for any security events and control them. 


Security Reports


Our in-detail security reports provide deeper insights into your security landscape and how your business is handling information security. 


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