''91% of all Cyber Attacks Start with Phishing'' - Gartner

CyberArrow’s Phishing Module helps organizations to build human firewalls. Transform your employees into experts in detecting and taking actions on phishing attacks.

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CyberArrow’s Phishing Module - Overview
Start with Employee Training

Employees are the weakest link in cyber security. CyberArrow Phishing Module and Awareness Training, empowers you to evaluate awareness and attentiveness. CyberArrow Awareness Platform can be customized for any organization within a few clicks.

Create Simulated Phishing Campaigns

A phishing simulation campaign is a legitimately staged attack that assesses employee awareness of phishing emails. With CyberArrow Awareness Platform  you can easily run your company-wide phishing campaigns. The simulations will  assist in improving security awareness at your organization.

Reinforce the Phishing Awareness Training

Experience is the best teacher, hands down. It’s crucial to inform staff members (nicely, of course) that they may have put themselves and the company at risk by clicking a link or an attachment in a phishing email. With CyberArrow you can present a “training page” that reaffirms the dangers of phishing and informs staff members how to report suspicious emails.

Monitor Results and Improve

CyberArrow Phishing Module gathers and reports data such as the attack types that were most effective and which teams were most exposed. This allows you to concentrate your security monitoring efforts, improve your phishing awareness training, and implement more phishing prevention measures.

Simulate Challenging Phishing Attacks in a Few Clicks

Simulate Real-Life Threats

Choose from CyberArrow's comprehensive library of phishing simulations.

Track Progress & Behaviour

Create groups to better understand various user groups and their behaviour.

Understand & Improve Workforce Resiliency

Determine who did what and when with CyberArrow's reporting and statistics.

Report Phishing Attempts

Make use of CyberArrow’s Phishing Reporting Button to track who reported the simulations.

Reduce Your Attack Surface With CyberArrow

CyberArrow Phishing Module & Awareness Platform trains, assesses and helps firms to reduce cyber security risks arising from human errors.

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