Full-fledged solution for Cyber Security Awareness & Training

Because your Awareness Platform shall provide an interactive yet educative cyber security training and assessment.

Being the regional leaders within the Cyber Security Awareness field for the last decade and having conducted more than 1000 awareness workshops and implemented many awareness campaigns in the region – CyberArrow Awareness Platform has been built with simplicity and strong Middle Eastern values in mind. CyberArrow Awareness Platform allows you to increase, assess and monitor the Cyber Security online learning in your organization. With CyberArrow Awareness Platform anyone can become an expert in Cyber Security Best Practices.

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Why CyberArrow Awareness Platform?

An Awareness Platform should train, assess and help firms to reduce cyber security risks arising from human errors.

Interactive Content

The platform supports English and Arabic. All computer-based courses have been developed catering to Middle Eastern culture and values. The content is comprehensive yet creative and easily understood.

Easy to Customize

The appearance of CyberArrow Awareness Platform can be customized for any organization within a few mouse clicks. The platform also fully integrates with Active Directory and is built to be simple to use.

Powerful Reporting

The learning results can be monitored in the performance dashboard. The course- user- or department progress and much more can be viewed any time. The reports can be exported in Arabic or English.


The CyberArrow Phishing module enables simulation of real-world phishing attacks in a simple and understandable manner. The module gives a clear overview of the current progress and different campaigns.

Powerful Features

User Awareness Dashboard

CyberArrow Awareness Platform module has been developed in a manner to make it simple for users to take highly interactive cyber security courses.


Every user will have a clear overview of their individual progress.


    • Choose from a wide range of cyber security courses


    • Track your completion progress and see your score
Management Reporting

CyberArrow Awareness Platform allows you to assess the progress of the cyber security training in your organization.


The progress dashboards allows you to have a clear overview of the course progress for each department or user.


    • Each course or user report can be drilled down to the finest detail and exported in CSV or PDF format


    • A reminder can be sent out for users to complete a certain course at any point of time
Phishing Module

CyberArrow Awareness Platform comes with a powerful Phishing module which allows you to simulate real world phishing attacks.


Simply launch your phishing campaigns and you are good to go.


    • Choose from a wide range of existing templates or create your own


    • Track the status of your campaigns
Optional Intranet Module

There is an option to add an intranet module for cyber security on the CyberArrow Awareness Platform.


Cyber security awareness must be ongoing; therefore, it is of outermost importance to have a centralized portal where all this content is readily available for all end users.


    • Choose the optional use case to enable the intranet module capability


    • The platform allows uploading of awareness material in different formats which can be viewed by all end users
Computer-based Learning

CyberArrow Awareness Platform focuses on interactive and creative learning catered to the Middle Eastern values and culture.


Storytelling and immersive activities along with clear assessments is the success formula behind our learning material.


    • Trending and exciting topics with constant in-flow of further courses


    • Add your own courses any time


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