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Why CyberArrow GRC?

A GRC Software should simplify and reduce the efforts around GRC and not the other way around.


Today’s GRC solutions are too complex to manage. We have built CyberArrow GRC from the ground up with simplicity in mind. All powerful features can be administered with minimal training.

Save Time & Money

A lot of time and effort is spent on understanding GRC Software. Substantial amount of money is also spent on professional services. CyberArrow GRC will reduce your time spent on GRC efforts.

Plug & Play

Complexity and the everchanging of local and international Cyber Security Regulations is a pain area. CyberArrow GRC supports leading standards such as UAE IA, SAMA, NCA and ISO 27001.

No Manual Work

Many GRC programs are run with a manual documentation approach using Excel sheets and Word documents. CyberArrow GRC automates all efforts based on the chosen regulation and/or standard.

Powerful Features

Compliance Module

CyberArrow GRC’s compliance management solution allows you to implement standards and regulations straight out-of-the-box.


There is no need for configuring any complex workflows to get you up and running.


    • Choose from international and or local standards such as NIST, ISO 27001, PCI-DSS, UAE IA, ISR V2, SAMA Cyber Security Framework


    • Track your implementation progress


    • Delegate GRC responsibility across the organization
Risk Management Module

CyberArrow GRC’s risk management solution allows you to conduct risk-assessments with minimal effort.


There is no need for the manual discovery and/or manual adding of risks.


    • Use your own enterprise or cyber security risk methodology


    • Automate risk assessments by using our wizard or our automated risk feature
Policy Management Module

CyberArrow GRC’s policy management solution allows you to run and track policy acknowledgement campaigns in just 5 clicks.


Simply upload or link your policies and you are good to go.


    • Send out policy acknowledgment links to employees and/or third parties


    • Track and export the results using CyberArrow GRC’s powerful dashboards
Local and International Standards

CyberArrow GRC comes pre-packed with a large set of both local and international standards and regulations.


To start implementing a standard, simply start a project and choose from the dropdown of 100+ standards.


    • Supports all major local standards for Middle East and Europe


    • Upload and implement any standard to CyberArrow GRC within 3 clicks
Powerful Dashboards

CyberArrow GRC comes with powerful reporting features.


Simply navigate to the Global Dashboard screen to access all relevant up-to-date data.


    • Filter dashboards by standards and implementation status


    • Filter dashboards by users and departments


    • Export all dashboards in PDF or Excel formats


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$ 11000 Yearly
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$ 1500 Monthly
CyberArrow GRC Datasheet
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We can help you automate your Cyber Security GRC efforts with ease.