How CyberArrow Risk Automation Improved Risk Assessment Across Departments for the Department of Community Development – Abu Dhabi

DCD - Abu Dhabi struggled with managing risk across its various departments and divisions. Siloed risk assessments made it challenging to view risks and prioritize risk mitigation efforts comprehensively.

About DCD – Abu Dhabi

As the custodian of Abu Dhabi’s social sector agenda, DCD – Abu Dhabi strives to raise the quality of services in the sector, create an inclusive and cohesive society in the Emirate, provide opportunities and services for all individuals in Abu Dhabi to grow economically and socially, build integrated communities, and ensure a decent standard of living for all members of the community. The Department of Community Development works towards three main ambitions:


  • A decent standard of living for every member of the community.
  • A tolerant and inclusive society founded on cohesive families.
  • An active and responsible community.


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Industry: Government Entity

The Challenges

As an organization dedicated to community development, DCD – Abu Dhabi has a diverse range of departments and sectors that require careful management. However, a manual approach to risk assessment and siloed processes were causing issues, such as duplication of risk mitigation efforts, gaps in risk analysis, compromised data security, and difficulty sharing risk information across the organization. These challenges not only slowed down their workflow but also impaired their ability to make better decisions.  

The siloed approach to risk and compliance had led to redundancy and confusion, and it was clear the company needed a new approach to risk assessment to improve efficiency and visibility. To address its challenges, DCD sought an effective solution and turned to CyberArrow for risk automation.

CyberArrow and its Automated Risk Assessments for DCD – Abu Dhabi

At CyberArrow, we are proud to have assisted DCD – Abu Dhabi in automating its risk assessments using CyberArrow Automation Tool. Our tool enabled the team at DCD to streamline data input and analysis processes, leading to effective risk identification. Its powerful reporting capabilities proved valuable to DCD and provided the company with useful insights. In addition, the automated evidence collection feature gathered evidence from various systems and documents to assess risk across departments.

Results and Impacts

Here are four benefits that DCD – Abu Dhabi experienced with CyberArrow’s risk assessment automation. 


  • Effective Risk Mitigation: Our tool enabled the team at DCD to identify and prioritize risks and take appropriate action to minimize their impact on the organization.
  • Enhanced Cybersecurity Posture: The company experienced an overall improvement in its cybersecurity posture due to the proactive risk mitigation capabilities of the CyberArrow automation tool to eliminate vulnerabilities.
  • Reduced time and effort: Automating risk assessments using our tool reduced the time and effort required to conduct risk assessments, allowing the teams to focus on more strategic tasks.
  • Improved consistency: The cyberArrow automation tool provided the organization with a standard template for conducting assessments, which helped to ensure that assessments were consistently conducted across the organization.
What DCD – Abu Dhabi, Says About CyberArrow?

“ With CyberArrow GRC solution we have been able to automate our risk and compliance efforts fully. The solution is very powerful yet user-friendly while providing us with all the reporting required to adhere to and even exceed compliance needs.”

Why CyberArrow?

CyberArrow is a leading firm that takes pride in managing your security and compliance requirements. We provide solutions to put your security and compliance requirements on auto-pilot, ensuring a steady automation process. We provide dedicated global support for technical, security, and compliance-related issues and queries.

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