CyberArrow Awareness Platform Increased Security Awareness among Silal’s Employees

A case study on how CyberArrow Awareness Platform increased security awareness among Silal’s employees efficiently.

About Silal

Silal is part of ADQ, one of the region’s largest holding companies with a broad portfolio of major enterprises spanning key sectors of Abu Dhabi’s diversified economy. Silal was established to diversify sources of food products and stimulate manufactured and agri-food sectors. Silal’s mandates include managing procurement programs and strategic stocks of foodstuffs. The company also executes specialized knowledge transfer programs on desert farming techniques and devises research and development projects.


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Industry: Food Technology

The Challenge

Silal wanted to ensure the best possible security awareness training across their organization as employees’ lack of cyber awareness can put any company at significant risk. Despite many efforts to educate users, Silal found that its employees were not aware of the latest threats and vulnerabilities. This lack of awareness can lead to several cyberattacks that can cause significant financial losses and damage the company’s reputation.

The Solution

After thoroughly researching and evaluating different options, Silal decided to implement an awarded, innovative, and easy-to-use Security Awareness Platform; namely CyberArrow. 

The CyberArrow Awareness platform provides a centralized location for employees to receive ongoing training and education about cybersecurity. The platform includes a range of interactive modules that cover topics such as phishing, password management, and social engineering. These modules are designed to be engaging and informative, and employees are encouraged to complete them on a regular basis. The Platform is designed to be user-friendly and pre-packed with storytelling and engaging computer-based training courses. In addition, the solution includes Phishing simulations, which can be launched within 3 mouse clicks and are a great way to test employees in a controlled environment. Lastly, the platform also shows the risky employees in a human risk matrix, which enables any organization to take the necessary actions to improve their security knowledge.

Experience while using the CyberArrow Awareness Platform

Since implementing the CyberArrow Awareness Platform, Silal has seen a significant improvement in its employees’ awareness of cybersecurity threats and vulnerabilities. Silal has also received positive feedback from employees who appreciate the opportunity to learn and stay up-to-date on cybersecurity issues.

The CyberArrow Awareness Platform has a unique approach to engage users and enhance their learning experience. It allowed Silal’s employees to access interactive content, which resulted in a high take rate. The storytelling approach in each computer-based training course made the experience effective for the employees. This practice helps them identify potential threats and risks while interacting online. In addition, the built-in phishing module allows Silal to continuously evaluate their employees’ knowledge and enhance their learning as per each individual’s needs. 

Silal’s Feedback

“The CyberArrow Awareness Platform is a simple yet engaging tool that tremendously helps our employees to understand the importance of cybersecurity in an engaging way. Its interactive content and storytelling approach made it an effective and valuable asset for our security program.”

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