How Middle East's Largest Environmental Regulator, Environment Agency Abu Dhabi, (EAD) became UAE IA Compliant with CyberArrow in No Time

A case study on Abu Dhabi's Environment Agency ``EAD``, a governmental agency that instantly became UAE IA compliant using CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool.

About “EAD”

EAD is the Middle East’s largest environmental regulator committed to protecting and enhancing air quality, groundwater, and the biodiversity of Abu Dhabi’s desert and marine ecosystems. Starting as a small group of pioneering ecologists in 1996 working in the harsh desert environment, the company has grown – breaking down barriers and pushing the limits of science and conservation. Their achievements include setting up the Sheikh Zayed Protected Areas Network, recording 100 unknown invertebrate species, and leading the region in banning larger fishing nets – while their mandate is focused on regulation and direction of policy with transparency.


Location: Abu Dhabi, UAE


Industry: Government – Environment Agency

UAE IA Compliance Procedures Before EAD Achieved Compliance Automation With CyberArrow

EAD is a governmental environmental agency in the United Arab Emirates, committed to working for environmental causes, such as air quality, biodiversity of marine ecosystems, etc. Since its launch, the company has grown rapidly. However, to achieve compliance with the mandatory UAE government framework UAE IA, a manual compliance process was used. This represented several challenges to the company as the approach they were following consumed a lot of time and resources.

The Challenge
  • Maintaining a massive checklist for UAE IA compliance manually.
  • Collecting evidence manually consumed much time and effort, especially on follow-ups.
  • Documenting policies and procedures to comply with UAE IA and implementing them manually.
  • Getting compliance documents approved by the necessary personnel.
  • Meeting to review and revise outdated documents, security controls, and policies.
  • Aligning the staff with the ever-changing laws and regulations.
  • Spending additional time on manually mapping local standards to international standards.


The process was time-consuming, ineffective, labor-intensive, and expensive.

The Solution

CyberArrow provided EAD with an Automated Compliance Tool, which enabled ongoing UAE IA monitoring, security KPI monitoring, and automated risk management. CyberArrow helped EAD benefit from automated evidence collection and reduce the time spent documenting policies and procedures. The solution enabled automated security and risk assessments without the need for physical audits. Moreover, the solution helped EAD to automatically map across multiple standards without any additional effort.

  • Automatic compliance checklist monitoring and evidence collection.
  • 100% compliance automation without the need for manual/traditional audits. 
  • 50% readiness unlocked for other standards.
  • 6 times faster to achieve UAE IA compliance compared to a manual approach.
Less Time Spent on Mapping Local and International Standards

Not only was the organization able to get compliant with UAE IA but also map other local and international standards in less time. Since compliance is determined by measuring alignment between standards and policies, it’s essential that every company has a system for demonstrating compliance. CyberArrow helped EAD highlight other standards that needed compliance as well as notified the staff when policies required updating.

Return on Investments (ROI)

With CyberArrow Compliance Automation Tool, EAD reduced the cost and time spent on manual processes and aligned the staff with stringent policies and laws. They are anticipating a lot of growth in coming years as well as the company is 100% audit ready for other standards while having the ability to scale across frameworks with less time spent than usual.

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